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Full repair and maintenance

We offer a full repair and maintenance services that include spring start-up, winterization and RPZ backflow certification to all customers. This allows it to perform at optimal levels and protects your investment.


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 RPZ Certification

To meet the requirements of your specific municipality, we will perform testing services for your backflow device each spring. We can test your device, fill out the paper work for you and then submit the form to the proper municipal department. There are six employees in our company who are certified by the state to do this.

Whether you want to add a new zone, move a few heads around to get better coverage or revamp your entire system for a new project, our service professionals are available to meet with you and make the necessary modifications.


In the fall, we will send a notice to you giving you information about winterization services for your irrigation system. This is typically done in October. After you turn off the water to your system, we blow out the water that remains in your lines so that your underground system is protected against freeze damage. If you have an RPZ device, we will remove it and leave it for you to store in a heated area for the remainder of the winter months.

Spring Start-Up

When the temperatures become warm enough, we will begin the process of starting up and checking through your system. You will turn on the water to your sprinkler system and set out your RPZ device so we can re-install it. We will start your system and run through each zone to check for broken heads, address coverage issues and make repairs as needed. We will also test your RPZ, if required.

Service and Repair

Our service department is available year round. Our service manager has over 25 years of experience installing and servicing systems with Flemings. Call or email with your repair requests.

Modification of Systems