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Your state-of-the-art controller can be set for selective watering which will meet the specific requirements of your lawn and landscape design. A rain sensor will be connected to your controller which will put your irrigation system on standby during rainy conditions, as to not waste water.

Your yard won't be damaged

Before installing your system, we will lay it out and position the sprinkler heads with flags for your approval. To minimize the disruption of your lawn, we use machines that will pull the piping underground rather than trenching through your yard. Shrub and perennial areas are hand dug to minimize the damage to your existing plant materials.

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Your design will fit your lawn needs

You will receive a design that fits the unique characteristics of your site, while we also make sure to follow all applicable building and water use codes. We will ensure that your lawn will receive adequate head to head coverage even in windy conditions and at peak water consumption times.

Our team has over 90 years of combined experience in the irrigation industry.

When your installation is complete, we will provide you with an as-built drawing of the layout of your irrigation system. We provide this for every system that we install. We keep the original in our permanent files for reference in future years, so that if repairs or modifications are ever needed, we know exactly where the system is located. You will also receive an exceptional warranty on your system. Included with your installation is a full warranty covering parts and labor provided by Fleming Irrigation.

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Final as-built drawing provided

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